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Solid wood: Ranges to answer all your needs

By Sanijura l Published on the 06/01/20 at 10:00

With woodwork as its core business, Sanijura offers a wide choice of solid wood furniture that answers all the needs and problems of bathroom furnishing. Whether you have a limited budget, a large bathroom or a taste for design, you will inevitably find the furniture made for you.


Bathroom sherwood - Sanijura

Photo 1: Sherwood range, “chêne vieilli” set, solid oak with a “basalte givré” glass vanity top / Photo 2: Sherwood range, "chêne naturel" solid wood set with an "oxyde black" cératop vanity top with a black ceramic basin

Sherwood offers a soft aesthetic with suggested curves. Associated with a ceramic vanity top, it will bring you all the robustness of solid wood. If you want a refined composition, pair it with a glass vanity top for a stylish look. Sherwood is also the solution for angles.


Bathroom colombine - Sanijura

Photo : Colombine range, natural oak set, "chêne massif à nœuds" with a frosted black glass vanity top, a lacquered wood frame mirror and a natural solid oak table top

This iconic piece of furniture is a perfect mix between solid oak and metal, enhanced by a soft LED lighting. With a unique dimension of 140 cm, it will guarantee a lot of storage space and room to dispose your products thanks to the large frosted glass vanity top. A beautiful design element for your bathroom.


Bathroom Furniture lignum - Sanijura

Photo 1 : Lignum range, solid walnut set with a ceramic vanity top / Photo 2: Lignum range, solid oak set with a white ceramic vanity top

The Lignum range is Sanijura’s solid wood solution for those who need a lot of storage. Customizable thanks to its choice between four fronts and eight finishes, let yourself be seduced by bathroom furniture made of oak or walnut.


Bathroom Furniture eleven - Sanijura

Photo 1: Eleven range, solid wood "chêne naturel" set with a white ceramic vanity top / Photo 2: Eleven range, "chêne blanc" set with a ceramic vanity top

Eleven is the solid wood solution for limited budgets. With its simple and efficient lines, the knot oak gives it a traditional, rustic look. Associated with a colour ceramic table, Eleven will transport your directly into an inspiring nature.


Bathroom Furniture illusion - Sanijura

Photo 1: Lumen range, « chêne naturel » solid wood, glossy “gris souris” lacquered and “cuir blanc” decor set with a black ceramic basin / Photo 2: Halo range, “chêne naturel” solid oak and “béton gris” decor set with ceramic vanity tops

The Illusion collection is composed of Luciole, Halo and Lumen, 3 ranges differentiated only by their depth. This collection which therefore meets all needs in terms of bathroom surface and storage needs also offers solid oak furniture.


Bathroom Furniture pop - Sanijura

Photo 1: Pop range, natural solid oak set with a smooth finish, natural limestone vanity top / Photo 2: Pop range, dark solid oak set, gouged facade with a white ceramic vanity top / Photo 3: Pop range, "tourterelle" solid oak set, laminated facade with natural stone vanity top

Sanijura offers a furniture solution for your toilet area, with Pop hand washbasins, also available in solid wood, for a stylish and elegant design, even in rooms you don’t always think about!