1. sherwood - Sanijura
    NOK 30,941.00


    All of the authenticity of wood
  2. soon - Sanijura
    NOK 8,040.00


    A designer and functional bathroom
  3. Material, colour, dimensions… Material, colour, dimensions…
  4. halo - Sanijura
    NOK 7,821.00


    Focus on lighting
  5. Frame the total look
  6. Eleven Eleven, back to basics!

Discover our online collections Designer bathroom furniture, mirrored cabinet, accessories… the choice is yours!

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Whatever the configuration of your bathroom, Illusion can provide you with an optimum solution with dimensions ranging from 60 to 180 cm It is up to you to arrange your interior according to the space you have available (width and depth) and the various elements you wish to include And if the standard offer is not enough, Sanijura can provide you with a customised solution…

For a perfectly equipped bathroom Find your accessories online : towel rail, wc brush, soap dispenser, hook ...