Magasin Général

Magasin Général

Bathroom frame - Sanijura

Photo: Frame range, "bleu canard" lacquered set with a synthetic white marble vanity top

World Magasin Général

By Sanijura l Published on the 30/09/2019 at 11:00

Diversity reaches its highest level in the last of our design worlds. Every material is used - wood, metal, enamel, glass, stone, leather, etc. - in more urban configurations.

A vintage bathroom

bathroom- Sanijura

Photo: Lumen range, "effet vieux cuir" decor and glossy nude lacquered set with a “brun sepia” ceramic vanity top

This world is undoubtedly the most contemporary one in terms of decoration, even if this vintage spirit remains timeless.

Workshop atmosphere

bathroomMy Lodge - Sanijura

Photo: My Lodge range, soft black lacquered and “chêne Québec” decor set

The workshop style remains essential for Sanijura, whose DNA is totally in line with this spirit. We know what a workbench is in Champagnole, and with this collection we offer you all our know-how.

A 100% mastered industrial decoration

bathroomliberty - Sanijura

Photo: Liberty range, "chêne gris” and red decor set with a ceramic vanity top

All trades are brought together here and all the crafts we master are made available in a spirit in which our brand values retain their integrity.

A joyful mess for a warm atmosphere

bathroomlumen  - Sanijura

Photo: Lumen range, solid wood "chêne naturel" set with a cératop black marble vanity top

In this Magasin Général world the bathroom looks more like a trendy cafe in a fashionable area, and here, in a joyful but harmonious bazaar, we can mix all styles together like a flea market.

bathroomhalo - Sanijura

Photo: Halo range, soft “eucalyptus” lacquered set and “chêne heritage” decor set with “eucalyptus” glass vanity top