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Catalogue General 2018

Sanijura brings you harmony, beauty, comfort and wellbeing in 2018.

A bathroom was originally a technical, practical space, but today it has become a living area. Naturally, you want it to be decorative and comfortable, just like any other room in your home.

This year, go even further in harmonizing finishes and materials. With Halo, Lumen and Luciole, you can coordinate your cabinetry down to the last detail. We hope that our examples – with vanity tops, cabinets, legs, handles and lighting - inspire you to create a virtually-endless list of options for your bathroom space.

However, bathrooms do go hand in hand with comfort.

And since boldness and an ongoing search for innovative solutions are in Sanijura’s DNA, meet Zéphyr. No need to choose between storage and heating to optimize your space. Zéphyr is both - a tall unit that offers excellent radiation heating performance along with internal stow-away options and a convenient towel dryer on the outside. And since storage is also important down to the last detail, we can help you organize your drawers the way you like with smart solutions - boxes or dividers - so there’s a place for every item.

We look forward to sharing projects with you this year! 

Catalogue Illusion 2018

Wide open spaces or a small area? Illusion can provide you with an optimum solution

Illusion encompasses the Halo, Lumen and Luciole ranges. These three ranges are based on a common design and are distinguished by their depths: 39 cm for Luciole, 46 cm for Halo and 51 cm for Lumen. You will thus find an answer to each of your needs with an (almost) infinite range of possibilities…

Catalogue Zéphyr 2018

heating column for your bathroom

No need to choose between storage or heating to optimize your space, Zéphyr is a 3-in-1 solution : heatin + storage column + towel rail

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