Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture

Natural or designer bathroom, wood tones or coloured? Your desires are Sanijura's command. Look through our ranges, discover our various finishes, colours and dimensions, and breathe life into your bathroom project!

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  1. Colombine iconic wood
  2. sherwood - Sanijura


    All of the authenticity of wood
  3. lumen - Sanijura


    Extra-large bathroom furniture
  4. halo - Sanijura


    Focus on lighting
  5. luciole - Sanijura


    The cleverly range
  6. miroirs reflet - Sanijura

    miroirs reflet

    Mirror, mirror on the wall…
  7. Frame the total look
  8. Material, colour, dimensions… Material, colour, dimensions…
  9. Illusion 3 solutions for your bathroom !
  10. Nona A rounded, contemporary style
  11. liberty - Sanijura


    Unrestrained liberty for creating your bathroom
  12. Zéphyr Heating and design column
  13. Bubble Light bubbles in your interior
  14. pop - Sanijura


    Small rooms? Our solutions
  15. Authenticity Furniture made in France
  16. elemento - Sanijura


    Storage according to your desires
  17. box - Sanijura


    Optimised storage
  18. Wally Decorative units
  19. Hobby Bathroom apron
  20. Bathroom basins A broad range of materials and an original design
  21. Quality Eco-responsible manufacturing
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