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Get inspired by Coral to decorate your home

By Sanijura l Published on the 20/03/19 at 10:00

Elected colour of 2019, Coral is both bright and soft. Perfect for your bathroom, you can apply small touches of decoration, or choose coral furniture.

A Coral bathroom to announce the arrival of Spring

Bathroom Lumen - Sanijura

Photo: Lumen range, « chêne Alabama » decor set with a white synthetic vanity top

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, our Sanijura stylists were inspired by Coral and created a bathroom full of nature and brightness. Top note of this spring atmosphere, Coral mixes perfectly with a wide range of shades, going from powdered pink to dark red. In this atmosphere, you won’t need huge resources to transform your bathroom into a flowery cocoon.
The Lumen furniture unit has a bright and neutral colour, with a “chêne Alabama” decor. In this bathroom, the accessories and beauty products bring a touch of colour to this flowery room. If you want to adopt this Coral style, follow our tips:

  • You can opt for linen that goes from light pink to orange, it’s easy to find and to stage.
  • To dress your walls, find some pretty frames inspired by nature. Flowers, birds or insects, hang them in duos, trios or by 4 for those who love maximalism. For a more long-term decoration, why not apply some wallpaper on one of your wall-surfaces.
  • Concerning storage, you can choose to install one or several lacquered wall units. Sanijura offers the Wally wall units lacquered in Capucine. They are easy to integrate, even in small spaces.
  • Don’t forget to create reminders with small accessories such as flowery notepads or liberty beauty cases
  • Finally, make the most of the spring season and choose a pretty flower bouquet made of tulips and buttercups. For those who prefer flowers that aren’t cut, you can choose one or two plants that you can place in Coral flowerpots.

Associate Coral to other colours

Bathroom wally - Sanijura

For a nice spring atmosphere, you can associate Coral to cold tones such as blue or green. In a nature and relaxing spirit, the shades of green will have to stay soft and tender: almond green, pale green or mint green. Forget about bright or dark green, that would overload your room’s atmosphere and make the Coral be completely side-lined.
For a trendier and brighter atmosphere, why not go for shades of blue: mint blue, turquoise blue or peacock blue. As well as green, it must stay discreet, to bring touches of contrast to your Coral theme.

Coral inspires Nature

Nature inspires us
Do you know the Eurasian bullfinch? This bird loves to visit gardens and appreciates regions that are rich in orchards. Discreet and calm, he nests in hedges, away from vegetation. The male Eurasian bullfinch is draped in a bright orange chest and silvery blue feathers to seduce his lady.

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