Nona, le style scandicraft

Nona, le style scandicraft

Scandinavian design inspiration has taken several rooms in the home by storm. Nona fits into this world where pure lines join with bargain-hunted craft-style decorative items. The range’s confident lines and authenticity add a touch of serenity to a joyful mix and match, inspiring you to take time for yourself.

Nona - Take care of yourself

Nona invites the Scandicraft style into the bathroom.
The Nona bathroom cabinet measures 120 cm wide with a double basin vanity top in glossy white glass. Our interior designer selected a glossy lacquer – white for the base unit, and beige for the side unit. These light colors are inspired by nature and the Scandinavian style.
In this version, Nona is wall-hung with built-in handles. The style underscores the pared-down contemporary spirit of this new bathroom furniture range. The cabinetry composition mixes doors and drawers. It adds a light and shadow effect with vertical and horizontal lines.
Still, the main advantage of the layout is that it optimizes space 100%.
With Nona offering furniture with drawers and cupboards, you can store small beauty items, makeup kits or bathroom linen. Nona is also a storage option for larger items, perfumes, bubble bath bottles or any other container that cannot lay down in a standard drawer.
In this Nona version, you don’t need to choose any longer, because your furniture becomes a smart, universal storage solution.
Additionally, we have 2 Sun Light mirrors 50 cm in diameter. These round mirrors in the Reflet collection are the must-have touch for 2020. On the practical side, they are equipped with LED backlighting. On the smart side, they can be placed diagonally on the wall, bringing a dynamic visual effect to the room. And both children and adults alike can view themselves in them.
Two towel rail shelves in glossy beige lacquer hang on each side of the base unit. This is a practical way to add on storage for beauty items and bathroom linen. A clever touch: a beauty/makeup area is set up to the right of the base unit, with a Nona side unit and a round Sun mirror Ø 90cm.

Lund'Co Studio - interior designers

Sanijura partnered with the interior designers at Lund'Co Studio for this Scandicraft setting. The firm associates a variety of cultures and influences and uses this diversity in our interiors.

Scandicraft style – Combining Scandinavian atmosphere and ethnic decoration

Scandinavian style meets ethnic decoration in the Scandicraft home trend. Each room is personalized; objects with a history and soul are put on display. The materials are natural, woven and handmade. They dress up light fixtures, floor rugs or walls.
Here and there wicker baskets and rattan chairs warm up our interior. Streamlined furniture in solid wood mix with our grandmothers’ baskets and wood boxes that serve as side tables and wall-mount niches.
The authentic Scandicraft style stages ethnic decorations from our travels, flea markets objects and even souvenir pinecones from walks in the woods.
These items may be bargain-hunted or recycled - and have a history - but each piece was carefully chosen in harmonious, natural tones.
The decorating world here presents the design codes that made the Scandinavian style popular, with soft tones in ranges of beige and white. Pastel blue gives way to a deeper shade. Walls are textured and dressed up with touches of ochre and terracotta for a raw, ethnic look.
In a Scandicraft setting, the palette of colors is inspired by the soil, trees and raw materials.
Nature is still present with succulent plants, dried flowers and driftwood.

BRUNO - Architect in Ghent

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