Nona, A rounded, contemporary style

Nona, A rounded, contemporary style

At Sanijura, when we say we make furniture that suits you, we mean it. Size, configuration, accessories and finishes... to make Nona yours.

Nona - A rounded, contemporary style

Soft, organic shapes are now an integral part of interior design.
While most bathroom furniture is crafted around cubic and geometric shapes, curved forms have already been popular with buyers.
With its rounded façade, Nona follows in the footsteps of predecessors such as Soon and Sherwood, repeating their successful style codes.
Nona joins the family of curved cabinetry, in addition to offering a wide range depth - an extensive choice of combinations that are usually offered in cubic design suites like Halo or Lumen.
Unquestionably, Nona is now positioned as Sanijura’s leading range - with its soft lines, contemporary style and customization options.

Nona – A mix of combinations to suit all needs

Nona furniture presents an atypical design, with a softly curved esthetic.
Exclusively in lacquer, the Nona range comes in every Sanijura color, and in 3 finishes: glossy, soft and satin. With such a wide selection of hues, Nona suits all tastes and interiors.
Nona comes in 4 furniture widths: 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm and 140 cm. Each furniture piece can be wall-hung or sit on legs. For added customization, Nona can be 100% composed of drawers or in a drawer/door mix, for optimized storage.
Vanity tops are made of synthetic marble and glass in different colors.
Basins are centered or offset to the left or right, depending on the model. Furniture 120 cm and over also come with a double basin.

Built-in or attached handles

For several years now, Sanijura has offered customizable furniture that includes attached or built-in handles.
Nona follows this trend with two options. The built-in handle version provides a light and shadow visual effect to the cabinet front and accentuates the contemporary look.
The version with the attached handle plays on lacquer colors. Like the legs, the handles can be lacquered to match the cabinet color and the frames on the Sun Color and Sun Color + mirrors.


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