Nona – Dressed in black

Nona – Dressed in black

Nona – Dressed in black

For a chic attitude, Nona wonderfully adopts the elegantly restrained, all-black look. With a focus on comfort and functionality, coordinating towel rail legs and towel rail shelves are essential accessories.

Nona, black is back

Nona presents an all-black look in this bathroom.
The washstation comes 100 cm wide with a central vanity top basin in frosted black glass. To accentuate the range’s contemporary style, the cabinet has a soft black lacquer finish with two central drawers.
Though the main cabinet is not wall-hung, it stands on legs 88 cm high, presenting a sleek silhouette. The legs in anthracite grey lacquer match the handles, towel rail and mirror – a subtle contrast to the all-black set.
The grey anthracite Sun Color mirror makes a guest appearance in a version 90 cm in diameter. It brings depth to the room, indirectly reflecting the atelier-style window.
To maximize storage and optimize space, our designer added a Nona side unit matching the base unit. This wall-hung piece sits under the window and decorative items or toiletries can be placed on top. For a warm, black atmosphere, 3 Bubble light fixtures in blown glass and black metal are the final touch.

Lund'Co Studio, interior designers

Sanijura has partnered with interior designers at Lund'Co Studio for an all-black look.
The firm associates a variety of cultures and influences and uses this diversity in our interiors.

Black is the new decorating trend

The color black is making a grand comeback in home interiors - for a stylish, contemporary decorating style.
Forget light, natural colors that made the Scandinavian look so popular in the past 5 years. Instead, monochrome and black ambiances immerse us in intimate, contemporary interiors.
The furniture is dressed in black lacquer, naturally dark or tinted wood, and charcoal-like lacquer finishes.
Each piece is a clever blend of materials and textures where black plays with every one of its nuances: matte or glossy black, grey tones ranging from anthracite to concrete. Cabinets are airy, sleek and modern. Fabrics are present on the floor, walls and furniture.
Light becomes a central element in this 2020 interior, where the accent is placed on XXL light fixtures, candles and photophores that bring warmth and light to the room.
Whether deep or faded, black plays with empty and full spaces, and promises enchanting days and nights.

ANNE-CHARLOTTE, History professor at Chambéry

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